Amoingon Beach, the Snorkeling Capital of Marinduque

amoingon beach

This may not be as famous as the other beaches in Marinduque but Amoingon beach holds something that’s not immediately seen as its attractions are hidden.

Amoingon beach is considered the snorkeling capital of Marinduque where there are coral gardens which are home to clown fish, other tropical fish, and mollusks. There’s a great number of sea urchins as well when the tide is low which the locals gladly pick and have them for mealtime.

Don’t expect fine sand in this beach but pebbles. After all, the beauty lies underwater so keep searching. 🙂


Ideal Family Destination: Ulong Beach in Mogpog

ulong beach              Ulong beach is just one of the many beaches there in Marinduque. If you want a perfect bonding with your family, this is an ideal place. It is found in Brgy. Capayang, Mogpog Marinduque. It is in the west views of Mindoro and Batangas. The lot has two nipa style huts and fresh water well. It has fences for privacy. The calm shallow water makes it more inviting to swim with your children.


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Poctoy White Beach: Boracay Version of Marinduque!

Poctoy White BeachAside from the famous Moriones Festival in Marinduque, it is also known as an alternative destination to Boracay and Palawan, as it is blessed with beautiful sand beaches. Also, Marinduqueños are known to be hospitable and friendly. Tourists are usually welcomed with a wide smile and a heart-warming custom called putong, it is a traditional song-and-dance ritual performed by local folks. This practice also means the crowning of a guest or an honorary with flowers or gaily-decorated crowns, it adds to the appeal of Marinduque to both local and foreign visitors.

Marinduque is an ideal place for beach lovers. The island is dotted with white sand beaches and relaxing islets which are perfect for water recreational activities such as windsurfing, diving and snorkeling. Poctoy White Beach is one-kilometer long with fine white sands, which is probably one of the best beaches in Marinduque! It is located at Torrijos, about 50 minutes drive from Boac and has an outstanding view of Mt. Malindig, coral reefs and clear water that is an ideal spot for snorkeling. You can also enjoy your food trip in the long line of eateries at the beach where you can have lots of food at a very affordable price.

Poctoy White Beach is just one of the best beaches in Marinduque. If you are a certified explorer, the Heart of the Philippines is a perfect getaway for you!