Molbog Sulfur Spring

Molbog Sulfur Spring

Have you heard of a sulfur spring? Marinduque, one of the most attractive island in the Philippines has a different spring called Molbog Sulfur Spring. It is definitely one of the tourist spots which were visited by local and even foreign tourists located in Malbog, Buenavista, Marinduque. It is a hot spring at the base of the inactive volcano Mt. Malindig, with therapeutic and natural healing water. Two swimming pools with warm though slightly sulfuric waters are considered to be healing with medicinal properties. The sulfur spring is known to be a remedy for skin diseases.

Come and visit this unusual hot spring that could make you feel at ease!



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Bulusukan Falls in Buenavista

Bulusukan Falls-Buenavista, MarinduqueBulusukan Falls is one of the best spots in Marinduque, flows from the remaining forests of brgy. Bagtingon in Buenavista and about 45 min. trek from the brgy. proper. Refreshing falls with clean and clear water from the mountains, home of reddish tiny crabs and of eerie creatures, according to the locals.  It has been identified through a study conducted by Prof. Panchito Labay of MSC as the biggest natural habitat of butterflies in the island province. With more than 300 endemic butterfly species found in the area and other animals such as monkeys, wild cats, deer and boas. And also, there are plenty of unique tropical floras in this wonderful area.