Dewey Hotel: A Wonderful Destination for Excurtionists

Dewey Hotel

Come and visit Dewey Hotel, one of the best hotels at Santa Cruz, Marinduque. Here you can celebrate your anniversaries, reunions, and different occasions and taste the best foods in town.

They offer air-conditioned and ventilated rooms; they also have coffee shop and restaurant, videoke bar and dancing hall, and function room.

If you want to see the real beauty of the town, this is the ideal hotel for you. It is found near Poctoy Beach Resort at Torrijos, Maniwaya Island and Bathala Cave.


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Bathala Caves: Perfect place for the adventurer like you!

Bathala CaveIf you love cave exploration, well I guess Sta. Cruz Marinduque must be the next place you should visit! There you will find one of their best natural attractions, the Caves of Bathala. You can trek down to the depth of those caves and bond with the friendly pythons.

The Caves of Bathala have eight different caves, known as Church Cave, Secret Cave, Python Cave, Cemetery Cave, Lihim Cave, Underground Cave, River Cave and Kay Mendez Cave. Some of those caves were not yet been explored.


Bathala Cave

Church Cave

–       The biggest cave, big enough for 100 people,  also called Kuweba ng Simbahan. It was used for worship and believed to be the home of Amang Bathala, the Supreme God of Tagalogs, the indigenous inhabitants of the Philippines.

Python Cave

–       Named as Python Cave because it is guarded by numerous living pythons. But not like what we knew about this kind of snakes, that are normally aggressive and dangerous, those that can be found at the cave are not harmful. They are said to have never harmed anyone. Visitors even take pictures as close as 35cm. The locals explain this with the fact that the snakes are the pets of Bathala. Strange, isn’t it?

Cemetery Cave

–       This cave was used as a burial site. Excavations revealed earthen jars, china jars, coffin fragments and human relics, including 13 skulls. The excavation was carried out by the French archaeologist Alfred Marche.


So what are you waiting for? Come and explore the beauty of the place considered as the heart of the Philippines! Be one of the witnesses of the extraordinary sceneries of Marinduque!