Feel the Love at Chateau Du Mer Beach Resort

Chateau Du Mer Beach Resort

Looking for a Romantic Getaway? Visit Marinduque Island,Philippines and stay at Chateau Du Mer Beach Resort in Boac!! All you will hear is the sound of the waves and your heart beat. Love the tender ambiance of its environment. It is an experience you will never forget. Moreover, your Dollars/Euros will go a long way.

What to do:

Poctoy White Beach is about a 1.5 hours drive from the resort.  The slopes of  Mt. Malindig is a favorite spot for hiking and bird watching during the dry season. If you decide to hike, bring a lot of water and hire a local guide. Other activities popular to visitors are: snorkeling, sunset watching, and shopping for native handicrafts (nito and wood products). For visitors who love the outdoors, cave exploration (Bathala Caves) and walking, or jogging along the seashore from Amoingon to Balaring are recommended activities. Guests could also feast on adobo sa gata (chicken cooked in coconut milk), a spicy meat dish called “Kare-Kare”, and abundance of fresh seafoods and fruits.


Amoingon, town of Boac Marinduque, Philippines


For 1 to 2 Persons: 3,000 pesos per day
For 3 to 4 Persons: 4,000 pesos per day
For 4 adults and 2 children: 4,500 pesos per day
There will be a 10% discount for one week stay or longer.
** Subject to change depending on dollar to pesos exchange rate

Contact Information:

From US: 916-961-3365 or 916-390-6424
From Manila: 042-332-1338 or 042-332-1754
E-mail: tagaboac@comcast.net / tagajaro@comcast.net
Website: www.chateaudumer.com

Source: www.chateaudumer.com

Image from: marinduqueonmymind.blogspot.com